Roll Covers & Release Capabilities
Roll Covers & Release


EDLON’s Roll Covers have been used in paper mills around the world since 1964. They are also used in Converting, Textile mills and Food Processing. Hundreds of machines use our Roll Covers in a variety of grades and applications.

Paper Rolls in the Wet Press Sections; Blow Roll, Fly Roll, Pick-Up Roll. Rolls in the Press Sections often have fiber build up which can mark or damage the sheet. An EDLON Roll Cover will reduce or eliminate build-up and the time involved in cleaning these rolls. The Roll Cover can be applied over steel, aluminum, fiberglass, composite, or rubber covered rolls.

EDLON’s proprietary seaming equipment produces a nearly undetectable weld of the sleeve. The seam weld strength is equal to the virgin material.

EDLON covers can be provided for metal, rubber, or Fiberglass rolls - straight, crowned, bowed, groove, or wormed rolls.

EDLON manufacturers Roll Covers to exact roll dimensions:

  • 1” thru 15 ft diameter
  • Lengths to 40 feet
  • Standard thickness .020” & .060”
  • Custom thickness .030” & .090”
  • Roll Covers of FEP Teflon® have a temperature capability to 350°F

Edlon Roll Cover Process Technologies:

  • Seaming (Proprietary process)
  • Expansion (Proprietary Process)
  • Etching (Proprietary process)
  • Adhesive Bonding (Proprietary Formulas)
  • Roll Grinding Process
  • Coating
Build up & fiber picking reduced or eliminated after installation of Roll Cover of Teflon®
  • Sheet quality is improved
  • Dryer temp and production rates can be increased
  • Clean up after sheet breaks is greatly reduced
  • No corrosion = less roll maintenance
  • Improved heat transfer = better moisture profile

Specialty Paper:        

  • Starch/sizing or coating applied to sheet
  • Rolls that must run clean
  1. Stickies due to recycle content

Non-Bondable Covers:

  • Carrying Rolls                                                                                                                    
  • Idler Rolls
  • Low temp, low pressure & dry applications

Bondable covers:

      Suggested when:

  • Temperature exceeds 150F
  • Pressure exceeds 7 pounds PLI
  • Moisture could wick under the cover

Adhesive Types and Service Conditions:

  • 41 Flex - General purpose for roll application
  1. Rubber, metal, fiberglass rolls
  2. 250F and 70PLI max service
  • D95 - Dryer applications
  1. 350F
  • E/L - Nip roll applications
  1. 350F and 150 PLI max service
  2. Must be installed at Edlon facility
  • 350F max operating temperature

Lead In / Lead out Rolls:

  • 250F max operating temperature
  • Accumulation of sizing requires frequent clean-up
  • Installation of the Teflon® cover prevents build-up

Nip Rolls:

  • Aseptic Packaging
  1. Extrusion Lamination
  2. Adhesive Lamination
  3. Hot Melt Lamination