Fusion Welding

Fusion Welding

Edlon utilizes a proprietary seaming technique wherever possible in all of our products called fusion welding.  The ability to offer 100% PureFusion™ welded seams in many of our products is unequaled by our competition.  PureFusion™ welds result in a seam strength and tensile and elongation properties that equal those of the virgin fluoropolymer films.  Edlon's PureFusion™ welds allow for natural flex and strain, eliminating stress risers and minimizing the chance for stress cracking.

 fusion welded seam

PTFM Fusion Welded to PFA


These smooth, indiscernable seams are virtually invisible.  In addition to its added strength, this offers an additional advantage to the high purity and semiconductor industry; smooth, invisible seams that are achieved only by fusion welding mean that there is no step or crevice between liner sheets for impurities to collect and to affect your process.

fusion welded flat seal
fusion welded circ seal

PureFusion™ Welded Flat Seal 

PureFusion™ Welded Circumferential Seal

Edlon's PureFusion™ welded nozzle seams enable us to offer low stress nozzle designs.  Edlon fusion welds as many nozzles as possible into a vessel liner, which results in a nozzle seam with a bond strength that is nearly identical to the virgin liner film.  PureFusion™ welded nozzle seams significantly reduce stress risers and the risk of stress-cracking that is normally associated with air and hand welds in these critical areas.