Edlon will become a recognized global provider and preferred fluoropolymer supply partner, in the markets we serve. We will facilitate our customers' success by transforming fluoropolymer materials into any suitable geometry, and allow the realization of our clients' products.


The mission of Edlon is to deliver custom solutions for our clients which are exceptionally reliable and will perform “worry-free” in their applications. This will be accomplished by leveraging our extensive understanding of highly engineered polymers, and to provide unique and innovative solutions which allow our customers to exploit these materials' unique characteristics. Our focus will be on the high purity, corrosion resistant, and release markets worldwide.

In support of our mission, we are committed to:

  • Building strong partnerships with customers and suppliers

  • Constantly providing innovation in our products, services, & capabilities

  • Further developing world class recognized fluoropolymer manufacturing capabilities

  • Enhanced training and communication both internally and externally

  • Providing an environment that stimulates creative thinking
    and personal growth while also providing increases in stakeholder value.



How we work together...

  • With Ethics, Integrity, & Personal Credibility
  • Safely for ourselves and others
  • Through a focus on teamwork, with flexibility and in the interest of the whole organization
  • Informing and communicating actions for better efficiency
  • Taking initiative and performing corrective action

How we focus our effort...

  • Through a customer focus and by outclassing our competition
  • With a "results focus" and by striving to exceed operational targets

How we perform our work...

  • Through fact based decision making for better results
  • With proactive decision making and planning to prevent problems
  • By providing products which are right the first time and by adopting an attitude driven by quality
  • Through innovation and by embracing change for perpetual sustainability of our business



We share a series of core values, which underpin our everyday actions,
and which strengthen our focus on Customer Intimacy through:
        •        Creative Thinking
        •        Stretch Performance
        •        Teamwork
        •        Integrity
        •        A Bias for Action