Glass Lined Vessel Accessories & Repairs

Glass Lined Vessel Acc. & Repairs

 Eliminate downtime and increase the service life of your glass-lined equipment with fluoropolymer accessories and repair services from Edlon. Produced in both standard and custom designs, fluoropolymer accessories from Edlon are manufactured in PTFE, PFA or FEP using isostatic molding, PureFusion™ welding and thermoforming. All pieces feature uniform thicknesses with less permeation and low microporosity for superior high temperature corrosion-resistance.

Advanced fabrication techniques combined with rugged construction make Edlon fluoropolymer accessories strong, durable and easy to install. Most repairs take place quickly without the need for specialized training. All components are readily available for immediate shipment and expert engineering support is provided to ensure proper product specification.


  • Manway & nozzle repair shields 
  • Nozzle liners
  • Manway and
    protector ring liners 
  • Dip tubes
  • Spargers
  • Vortex breakers
  • Coated agitators
  • Agitator boots
  • Vortex breakers
  • Coated baffles
  • Coated vessel covers
    and heads