Ultra Pure Products

Ultra-Pure Products

Edlon manufactures a full line of ultra-pure products for storing, transferring, and mixing ultra-pure chemicals.  Edlon provides products fabricated from a range of fluoropolymers in our all plastic machine shop to ensure the best protection from cross-contamination for the semi-conductor industry.   Ultra-pure products include:

  • Day tanks 
  • Transport tanks 
  •  In-line static mixers
  •  Mixing vessels
  •  Wafer processing equipment


Static Mixers

Edlon offers PFA-PTFE in-line static mixers to meet your high purity mixing needs.  All of Edlon's static mixers are desgined on around a solid PTFE helical mixing element, which results in complete flow division and radial mixing.  Edlon's static mixers are ideal for use in all combinations of gas, liquid, and solid materials.  High purity static mixers can be fabricated to fit inside either PFA tube or pipe housing, and can be fit with end connections of your choice.

Edlon Ultra-Pure Products have several superior performance features:

  • Multiple fluoropolymer lining options for superior chemical corrosion resistance 
  • Manufactured in Class 10,000 cleanroom facility
  • Fusion-welded construction for invisible seams
  • Ultra-smooth, leachant-free interior surfaces   


 To view literature on these products in Adobe PDF format click here.