1. How can Edlon help me?
  2. Edlon offers custom fluoropolymer products and applications to achieve corrosion resistance, contamination protection and/or anti-stick properties. We provide engineering design and custom fluoropolymer manufacturing for the Chemical/Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical/Food, Electronics/Semiconductor, and Pulp and Paper industries.

  3. What are Edlon's capabilities?
  4. Edlon provides the broadest range of fluoropolymer application methods and proprietary fabrication techniques. Here is a sampling of our capabilities.

    1. Roll Covers from 10-90 mils, 1 in. to 10 ft. diameters, and up to 40 ft. lengths
    2. Electrostatic and Wet Spray Release Coatings from 0.5-60 mils
    3. Corrosion Resistant Coatings from 20-100 mils
    4. Bonded or Loose Liners from 60-200 mils
    5. Butt Fusion Welding
    6. FRP/Fluoropolymer Dual Laminates
    7. Thermoformed, Isostatically Molded and CNC Machined Fluoropolymers
    8. Clean Room Manufacturing and Assembly
  5. What materials do you work with?
  6. Edlon works exclusively with fluoropolymers including the six major fluoropolymers (PVDF, ECTFE, ETFE, FEP, PTFE and PFA). Some of the popular tradenames are KYNAR®(Elf Atochem), HALAR®(Ausimont), TEFZEL®(DuPont), TEFLON®(DuPont), and NEOFLON®(Daikin).

  7. I'm not sure which fluoropolymer or technology to use?
  8. Edlon's experienced engineering and R&D staff can recommend the best design and materials to meet your application needs. Whether it's a column or column intervals design, reactors with or without mixing, release covers for rolls, high-purity storage or transport tank, dual-laminated vessels or engineered spargers and dip tubes, Edlon works with you to provide "Smart Solutions" tailored to your specific application.