Bonded Linings

Custom Bonded Liners

Edlon's custom bonded linings are fabricated by laminating virgin fluoropolymer film on to a glass knit or polyester backing.  These liners are fabricated using our proprietary fusion welding technology and are bonded into the vessel using one of Edlon's high strength bonding systems.  Edlon provides bonded liners in 6 different fluoropolymers:

  • PVDF
  • ETFE
  • FEP
  • PTFE
  • PFA




Bonded liners will withstand both vacuum and agitated conditions.  Bonded liners can be either installed into a new or existing metal tank, or overlaid with fiberglass (FRP).  Bonded liner vessels are useful for many applications, including:

  • Mixing tanks
  • Columns
  • Storage tanks
  • High purity applications
  • Heat exchanger shells and heads
  • Manway covers

Bonded linings offer a number of important features:

  • Proprietary fabrication techniques for long-lasting, high integrity liners and worry-free operation 
  • Eliminates corrosion problems
  • Superior bond between fluoropolymer and metal substrate
  • High resistance to permeation and chemical and mechanical damage
  • Suitable for vacuum and agitated services
  • Field repairable



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